Training scholarships

The programme entitled Training Scholarships for Postgraduates on Subjects of Interest for the Institution aims to provide training for professionals in the production and analysis of statistical data. During their stay at the Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas, scholarship holders gain firsthand knowledge, from the very beginning, on the production of statistical data and carrying out a quantitative research project.

Order PRA/33/2017, dated 23 January 2017, approves regulatory new bases for the granting of these scholarships by the CIS.

Como novedad en esta convocatoria, si la solicitud presentara errores subsanables, se requerirá al solicitante mediante publicación en esta página web del CIS, para que se subsanen en el plazo máximo de diez días hábiles a contar desde el siguiente a dicha publicación.


Summary of the edition

Resolution of the CIS Presidency




Training of postgraduates in the methods and techniques that utilize to applied social research, through participation in research and training activities carried out at the CIS.

Number of scholarships and amounts

10 scholarships.


Graduate or Bachelor or homologized foreign title, obtained within 4 previous years to the date of issue of the notice. Average mark of at least 1.8.

Necessary documentation

Form (complete AnnexeI, AnnexeII,; curriculum vitae; academic certificates with grades and accreditation of the curriculum vitae.




Application deadline

15 days from the following day a the publication of the notice for applications in the BOE (Official State Gazette); from Nov.6 to Nov.24 of 2017 both included.

Current situation

 Defintiva resolution of adjudicators and substitutes



Secretariat and information

For any further information, you may contact the Research Promotion Service: