Como hacemos las encuestas

What is the CIS?

The Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas (CIS) is a public entity, the main aim of which is to study Spanish society, a task it has been undertaking since 1976.

It performs this task largely by taking surveys in which it asks people their opinion on a range of current socio-economic and political affairs (health care, education, immigration, to name but a few).

Your opinion interests us…

CIS surveys reveal what we, the people who live in Spain, think, want or how we behave.

That information is fundamental for social researchers to be able to study our society and its evolution, in order to design public policies that can respond to the needs and demands of the population and, in general, to better know what we are like.

Hence, it is possible to know what the population thinks the most important problems in Spain are, or their appraisal of the economic and political situation.

All the results from CIS surveys are public and can be consulted, free of charge, through the CIS Data Bank.

What is a survey and how is it taken?

The survey is a research technique which, with a small margin of error, enables us to learn the opinion of a general population by asking questions to only a small part of it.

It consists of asking a series of questions on a subject to a sample of people selected following a series of scientific rules which make the sample, overall, representative of the general population it is taken from.

The majority of CIS surveys consist of personal interviews done at the homes of the persons selected by interviewers trained and with due credentials from the CIS to carry out this task.

You can obtain more information about the way in which the CIS takes its surveys by clicking here.

Your collaboration is essential

The persons selected to take part in a CIS survey, do so voluntarily, but their collaboration is fundamental for attaining results that reflect the opinions of society as a whole.

The survey is not a test and there are no right or wrong answers: We seek their sincere opinion when they answer. At any time during the interview, the interviewee can choose not to answer a question if he/she wishes.

All the answers are anonymous, protected by the corresponding statistical secrecy and data protection laws. The answers are used as aggregates, with no individual references of any kind. No personal details or identifiers are kept on respondents and once the information they contain has been recorded, the questionnaires are destroyed.

We are very grateful for their participation/collaboration

If you are in any doubt or you wish to contact us, you can do so here.