The Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas (CIS) is an independent entity assigned to the Ministry of the Presidency. The main remit of the CIS is to contribute scientific knowledge on Spanish society.

The CIS gathers the necessary data for research in very different fields, from trends in public opinion to applied research. Hence, the CIS is responsible for carrying out studies that provide accurate diagnoses in order to guide the work of the public authorities in charge of the different administrations. These studies are carried out through collaboration agreements or management packages, when they involve the collaboration of other public or research bodies.

The CIS is known mainly for carrying out surveys which allow advances to be made in the knowledge of Spanish society and its evolution over time. However, apart from this area, it also performs other fundamental tasks in supporting training and research within the sphere of the social sciences. Likewise, the CIS supports and takes part in highly diverse outside initiatives, it forms part of networks with similar domestic and international institutions and it fosters exchange and co-operation with other research bodies interested in the world of surveys.

The CIS Data Bank custodies and makes all the research undertaken by the CIS available to the public. The Data Bank can be accessed through this website or in person. All CIS data is of public domain.

CIS publications (the Revista Española de Investigaciones Sociológicas (REIS) and various collections of books are a basic channel for research dissemination which contribute to scientific knowledge on society.

The CIS undertakes its task of analysing and developing scientific knowledge on Spanish society by taking surveys and doing qualitative research studies. These studies are performed either at the initiative of the entity itself, or through agreements with public or not-for-profit private institutions.

Through agreements, the CIS also fosters the organisation of courses and seminars (or participation in such activities) aimed at training, the analysis or dissemination of research results, within fields associated with sociology and political science.

The Centre has its own training schemes and research promotion programmes, together with a publications department which plays an essential role in research dissemination in the social sciences in Spain.