The President of the CIS undertakes overall co-ordination of the activities appropriate to the Centre's remit, as per the provisions of Royal Decree 1214/1997, dated 18 July, on Organisation of the Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas.

To perform her functions and activities, the President of the centre receives help and advice from a Support Unit and a consultative body: The Advisory Board, of which she is also chairperson by virtue of her being the president of the institution.

The most common activities of the Presidency include representing the Centre in relations with other organisations and, especially, with the Government regarding signing co-operation agreements that the CIS carries out related to sociological research.

As the body that manages the Centre, and drives and co-ordinates all of its activities, the Presidency designs the annual action plan for the CIS and proposes the resources to carry them out. In following up on these actions, the Presidency maintains special ties with Parliament, since it is responsible for presenting both Houses with the Centres action plan and the content of the work completed and entered in the Database, as well as the provisional preview of the results of election polls and evaluations of the political parties and political leaders.



Appointment: June 30, 2018