Data Bank Department

The Data Bank is the department responsible for safekeeping all the research material gathered by the CIS, as well as making it available to users, whose requests it attends. This Department also creates and maintains the Centre's databases, and handles its computer systems.

All research work carried out by the Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas since it was created is stored, without exception, in its Data Bank available upon request to anyone, both natural and legal persons, private and public. Current legislation guarantees equal access to this data to all citizens.

The Data Bank is responsible for verifying, purging, anonymising, cataloguing and uploading all the information, as well as preparing the products for dissemination within the deadlines set by current legislation.

The products offered have been designed with different kinds of users in mind. This way, it is possible to obtain from simple frequency tables to raw microdata files, thus enabling users to perform the analysis which best suits their purpose.

The Data Bank Catalogue is the basic tool for learning what the CIS produces. This catalogue also includes a powerful search tool for users to find the information they are interested in. This is a documentary database that stores all the surveys conducted; it can be searched by keyword or text strings, and it returns survey questions as a result. This database comprises more than 1,800 surveys, which include more than 110,000 questions in total.

Since January 2009, The Data Bank offers access, free of charge, through the CIS web pages to the microdata files of the studies conducted through the centre. This has raised the dissemination of this information, which went from some 300 files served during 2008 to 6300 downloaded from internet over 2009.


Appointment: May 2022