Research Department

The Research Department is in charge of programming, designing and conducting all research studies carried out at the Centre. In most cases, the Department performs all the tasks associated with social-empirical research through surveys:

  • sample design
  • preparation of questionnaires
  • field work
  • coding
  • tabulation
  • result analysis
  • preparation of reports

To do so, she has a team of experts in the different work areas and a field network that covers the whole of Spanish territory.

In compliance with the objectives of the Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas, the studies that are carried out, whether they are internal initiatives or requested by other institutions, are aimed at achieving a better understanding of the Spanish society as a whole, as well as those evolutionary processes and changes that take place in public opinion regarding a wide variety of issues.

Aside from quantitative studies, in those cases where it is deemed necessary for the Centre's research projects, the Research Department commissions renowned specialists to carry out qualitative studies, as well as secondary data analysis.


Appointment: Diciembre de 2021